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Corporal Edmond Kasparian

Former serving RAAF Member

I worked with Aaron for a number of years in the RAAF when we were both serving members. Over the years I have utilised Aaron's services in various capacities. This has ranged from emails, presentations, through to web-content for my catering company. Most recently, Aaron assisted me with transitioning from the Permanent Air Force, putting together an extensive Resume and Cover letter. Aaron coached and mentored me with support and direction, and with that I was able to land a job with Downer doing Fleet Planning within a week from starting the process. For anyone who wants to get extensive support alongside the writing - Aaron is my first point of call and I would highly recommend him to anyone for all things writing - blogs, emails, presentations, reports, resumes, or even web-content. Not only does Aaron have expertise in writing, but he has experience with working in a variety of capacities, under pressure and with competing priorities.

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Brad Jones

Fitness Professional

Aaron has assisted me with gaining employment a number of times. To date, I have struggled with gaining employment due to having a hearing impairment, making the articulation of resumes, and emphasising of key points during interviews particularly difficult. Aaron took it upon himself to draft my resume, set up my LinkedIn and Seek account, and applied for approximately 10 job opportunities in the space of a week on my behalf. Aaron boosted my confidence almost instantly, and a week later, after his advice to tap into some of my networks on Instagram - I landed an interview with a gym located in the CBD of Canberra. Aaron travelled to Canberra to interpret for my interview, and that day I was offered employment in the industry which I have always wanted to work in. I can't speak highly enough of Aaron as both a brother, and professional who strives to help people from end-to-end, applying relentless effort to ensure people succeed.

Crossfit Coalface

Crossfit Coalface Pty Ltd

Guy Onley - Owner / Operator

Aaron from The Writing Office conducted a proprietary developed Service Quality Analysis, centred around customer satisfaction elements including: reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness. He then produced a report on the analysis and made a number of recommendations for further consideration to our overall business and marketing strategies. Aarons' open mindedness to the Crossfit environment, and understanding of the intricacies involved with day-to-day operations by various trainers, enabled the report to be contextual to the environment and applicable with behind-the-scenes strategy and marketing. I would certainly recommend Aarons' services to similiar businesses who depend on understanding the business from the customer-service interface.

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